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Main activities

Improve access to (quality) education, bridge schooling, and youth employment

  • Awareness raising on child labour, the value of education, laws, and policies.
  • Mobilization & capacity building of communities and schools on child labour, gender equality, child safe guarding, child participation, and reporting.


Enforce relevant child-rights based laws and implement policies

  • Engagement of government departments, like ministries and tripartite members on the need to enforce child rights laws.
  • Participation in events at the World Day Against Child Labour (12 June).
  • Dissemination of by-laws on child labour.


Prevent and address child labour in supply chains

  • Mapping of community investors, identify and mobilize private sector, mining companies, supply chain & marketing labour force and engage them in the child labour response and solutions.
  • Financial and technical support for integration of Child Rights Business Principles, document a case study on investment & elimination of child labour, facilitate stakeholder experience sharing & learning.
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