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Supporting organisations

We, UNICEF Netherlands, Save the Children Netherlands and the Stop Child Labour coalition, and partner organisations and country offices in India, Côte d’Ivoire, Jordan, Mali, Uganda and Vietnam, together the Work: No Child’s Business Alliance, call for urgent action to get children out of work and into school.

The following organisations and businesses support our call for action
to get children out of work and into school:


Tony’s Chocolonely Fairfood
Arte Groep Rainforest Alliance
Mars Wrigley Netherlands The Freedom Fund
Terre des Hommes Netherlands Global Campaign for Education Netherlands
Liliane fonds International Dalit Solidarity Network
Wilde Ganzen Sympany
Edukans Saskia van Valkenhoef Consulting
Algemene Onderwijsbond Minkema College
Pooja Kajal Foundation India Tanzania Yetu Foundation (TAYEF)
Ghana Cocoa Marketing Company UK Ltd
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