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Uganda: increase in child labour cases with over 70%

Hivos and WNCB partners in Uganda carried out a baseline study in the districts of Moroto and Nakapirirt in June and July 2021. The results of the study were disseminated on 17th  March 2021  to national and local level key stake holders in a meeting where government, employers and civil society actors were all represented.  The report revealed an increase in child labour cases with over 70% of  the children aged between  11- 17 years. The study also indicated a higher  involvement of younger girls  in child labour compared to the male counter parts, highly attributed to  mothers often moving with their children for mining activities. 93% of children engaged in child labour reported to be paid for the work done and 58%  report to take back the money at home to meet the house hold needs. Government and other actors committed actions to engage in advocacy and awareness-raising, provide capacity building for relevant actors at all levels, strengthen social protection, enhance the knowledge base and Improve the legal framework and enforcement.

UBC national television broadcasted a long item on the topic.

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