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Advancing research in development partnerships

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WNCB conducted research about how to stimulate evidence-based working within the WNCB alliance. The research project was conducted by Wageningen University and led by Margit van Wessel, B. Rajeshwari and Siri Lijfering. Based on data collection among WNCB partners in India, Jordan and Uganda the researchers developed a theoretical framework, the research eco-system, to understand the dynamics at play that stimulate or hinder research. To help ensure the WNCB alliance that its research projects are based on local needs and realities, they developed key principles and conversation starters. With many development organisations struggling with their efforts how to shift the power, the full guide and infographic can provide a starting point for advancing research through localization.

Jan Apperloo, member of the WNCB research working group, explains the background of this research. “Within the WNCB Alliance we want to stimulate evidence-based working to increase our collective impact on child labour. We therefore set-up research working group, tasked to stimulate quality research within the alliance with a bottom-up approach. To understand how evidence-based working could be advanced in our programme, we asked the WUR to conduct this research. We believe that the outcomes of this research can be insightful and interesting for other organisations or programmes.”

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