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Civil society

Civil society includes community-based organizations, often informal but with a clear community-based constituency, and CSOs/NGOs, which operate on a higher level and are formal and officially registered organizations. We work closely with civil society actors in programme interventions, including advocacy for policy reforms and changes in business practices, and to promote child participation. Civil society stakeholders are included as implementing partners, strategic partners, as well as beneficiaries of some of the programme interventions.

What do we do?

At community level, closely linked to our area-based approach, we focus on strengthening child protection mechanisms and setting up and/or strengthening child protection committees. These are networks or groups of individuals at the community level who work in a coordinated way towards child protection goals.

Through continuous linking and learning, capacity building, technical guidance, on-the-job support and first-hand experience in the field, our implementing and supporting partners are supported to strengthen their capacities and build experience in implementing the different strategies.

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