Work: No Child’s Business podcast series

The Work: No Child’s Business Podcast series takes us to Uganda, India and Ivory Coast. In the three-part series we will focus on three key elements on tackling the scourge of child labour:

1. Investing in (inclusive) quality formal, full-time education for all children,
2. Supporting and promoting the norm that children should not work but be in school,
3. Enhancing company and government responsibilities to implement and enforce mandatory due diligence legislation

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Three important messages, brought to you by our heroes from Uganda, India and Côte d’Ivoire who fight child labour every day!


In this first episode we go to Uganda. We hear Juliet Wajega, WNCB/Hivos programme manager, about the need to invest in quality, formal full-time education. Juliet talks about child labour in the gold mining areas of Karamoja and Busia and the daily fight to get children out of work and into school.


In this 2nd episode we go to India. Venkat Reddy, from the Indian MV Foundation, explains how the area-based approach is crucial in supporting and promoting the norm that children should not work. Venkat tells us about his years of experience in combatting child labour and shares personal stories of children.

Ivory Coast

In this third episode we go to Ivory Coast. Sylvain Konan works for WNCB/Save the Children International in Ivory Coast and talks about child labour in the cocoa sector and the need for governments and companies to respect human rights. Julie McBride from the Dutch company Tony’s Chocolonely shares her view on what companies can and should do.