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Our actions in strengthening child protection systems and setting and reinforcing relevant policies and laws take place at various levels.

At government level (local, district, national), we strive for a child protection system that consists of both formal and informal elements. A focus on strengthening the system is crucial for long-term impact.

  • A set of laws and policies to protect children.
  • A central government coordination mechanism with a clear mandate to prevent and respond to child protection concerns.
  • Preventive and responsive child protection services, regulation and monitoring at all levels.
  • A committed social service workforce with competence and mandate.
  • Data collection.
  • Awareness raising.


At the community level we focus on strengthening child protection mechanisms and child protection committees. These are networks or groups of individuals at the community level who work in a coordinated way towards child protection goals. We work with formal and informal community structures and services, such as health and legal services, social protection and cash assistance, but also family and community support networks.

Linking communities and governments
Enabling collaboration and linkages between communities and governments is of great importance. Comprehensive child protection systems are meant to address the full spectrum of protection in the lives of all children and their families.

More information
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