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Participating organisations

Lead implementing partner:

SCL Coalition (Hivos) with partners UNATU and NACENT

Implementing partner:

Save the Children

Supporting partner:


The key partners in Uganda are Stop Child Labour (SCL) and it’s local partners, and Save the Children with UNICEF as a supporting partner. The SCL local partners have strong expertise on the implementation of Child Labour Free Zones (CLFZ), where they will apply this knowledge from other CLFZ projects in West Nile, Kampala and Busia into Karamoja.

The Uganda National Teachers’Union (UNATU) is focusing on work with the teachers, parent teacher associations and school management committees on sensitization about child labour and child friendly school environments. Save the Children also works with a community-based approach, where they apply the evidence-based approaches of education and child protection, amongst others, to improve the conditions for children and their families. Save the Children also has good relationships with the local and national governments, where they complement UNICEF who is working directly with the government on the national child protection system.

The synergy between this Alliance facilitates working at the community, district and national level simultaneously to create change at all levels in relation to the prevention of child labour.




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